Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • To plant, you need to buy seeds first from the florist. Get your seeds from Serena’s Flower Shop.
  • Go to your garden, then tap on the Bag icon for your inventory and to get the seeds that you will plant.
  • Drag a chosen seed onto your garden, water them, then wait until they are ready to be harvested!

There are several ways for you to earn coins
  • You can sell your items directly from your inventory - tap on the bag icon to open your inventory, tap on the chosen item to sell, then select the number of that item to be sold.
  • You can sell flowers directly from the garden, instead of harvesting it. Doing this will earn you twice as much coins as when selling from your inventory.
  • You can also earn coins by watching advertisement videos found in the Bazaar or on the Shop. Tap on Fiona’s or Serena’s pouches to watch them once they are available.
  • Alternatively, you can buy Coins using Gems you earned or purchased from the Bazaar.

  • Fairies and Gnomes will be unlocked in the game eventually as you progress by completing the objectives.
  • To catch them, you need to plant and grow the fairy’s or gnome’s fave flowers. Once they are unlocked for catching, you can see their fave flowers in the Journal.
  • They will have a chance to appear in your garden as long as you have their fave flowers planted in it. You can also plant their fave flowers in the Gallery and they will appear there also.
  • Note that for every fairy or gnome, they have a specific time of day in which they will appear. You can also refer with it in the journal.

  • You can expand your Garden as much as you want. However, in getting the 3rd expansion and more, you need to rent them by using Gems.
  • You can rent the garden expansion for 25 Gems per 30 days.
  • The status of your garden rentals can be viewed under the game’s settings, then tap on the Rentals tab. You can extend the duration of your rents from there as well.

  • To use fertilizers, tap on the bag icon to open up your inventory, then tap on Tools.
  • Drag a chosen fertilizer down to your garden, and it will take effect immediately!
  • Fertilizers can speed up the growth of your flowers and increase their sell value.

  • You can improve your watering can by researching on it on the Laboratory.
  • Go to the Laboratory then tap Research, then select Water Can and choose the Duration for upgrade.
  • Alternatively, you can rent the Hose from the Bazaar. Doing so will let you water your flowers as much as you want without going back to the well to fill it up.
  • You can also upgrade your well in the Laboratory. Upgrading it will increase its maximum capacity, helping you water your plants for longer time.

  • Yes. You can look up the previous tutorials by tapping on the Profile Menu, then tap on the Tutorial button. You can view all previous tutorial there, and more tutorials will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • Kim’s Garden automatically backups your save data from time to time so If in any case you lost your game’s save data, there will be a prompt in the game telling you if you have a backup data saved in the cloud, then it will revert it back to the last backup.
  • Alternatively, you can manually backup and retrieve game data by going into the settings, then tap on the Account tab, then tap either Backup or Retrieve.
  • You can also choose to connect your account with Facebook or Apple Login (iOS only) to have your save data backed up from there. It's much easier and effective!

  • Your planted flowers, once fully bloomed will generate pollen over time. Sometimes it's a good idea to keep your flowers bloomed in the garden to generate and collect pollen.
  • You can also unlock Bees in the Laboratory Research that can help you gain more pollen and help grow your flowers with different effects!