Travel to an enchanted world of gardening paradise and meet magical friends along the way.
Over hundreds of flowers to grow, watch your garden flourish, and plant the seeds of your success!

Meet Kimwatering can

Light-spirited, friendly and fairly energetic, Kim is determined to build up her garden into a fruitious, successful garden with your help.

Shop at Serena

In spite of her shy and aloof personality, Serena is an independent young entrepreneur.

Discover with Lucas

Relatively new at Mosville but has already gained respect from the scientific community around him - Lucas is that very intelligent dude that will help you with research and experiments.

Get Fancy at Fiona's

A charismatic and optimistic woman with a fierce heart, Fiona is here to help improve Mosville and its people in a lot of ways.

dreamy fairy
pure fairy

Discover your green thumb!

princess fairy
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